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2009-02-23 01:04:05 by eyerecon

Ive lost so much animation motivation, ideas anyone?

seriously NG is all blue and stuff

Its beginning to look alot like chris-.......The Holidays!


2008-10-09 21:16:21 by eyerecon

The first poster for The Legend of Praelia

upcoming major film between me and nose-army

its an unfinal soilder drawing :D


Star Souls updates, I'm sick, and The Force Unleashed

2008-09-13 23:00:20 by eyerecon

So my latest animation, Star Souls, is in progress. I've once again redid a bunch of old scenes to add to quality. I'm planning on releasing by Mid October-November. I would say I'm about 48-62% done. I am trying as hard as I can to get it done by the due date but the production speed has slowed because i have got a cough/cold/flu... Half the time I feel like crap and not working but I really would like to make my due date. I'm also thinking of getting an advertising link. I'm gonna be getting a job @ a local restaurant soon but I still want to start saving some money for a car. But thats off topic, Star Souls is gonna be released as a 1 out of 2 part volume, I am expecting sequels but I have 2 other projects to be worked on after this. The Legends Of Praelia is one, which is been a long time planned collab between Nose-Army and myself.

Also I've stopped using firefox to try safari. I have a Pc, but I downloaded it accidently when doing an Itunes update. I like it, I am considering getting a Mac notebook in the "not so distant" future because those "I'm a mac, and I'm a PC" ads are so cool :3

As for video game newz, The Force Unleashed comes out on Tuesday If ur not stoaked......... YEH BEH SITH

I havent gotten around to pre-ordering it since ive been sick. I would have preordered a long time ago but I procrastinated since I didnt have the moneh. Its gonna be awesome tho, considering how kick-ass the demo was

I now leave you, with a STAR SOULS screen shot......... Podivney and a Grotter


Star Souls updates, I'm sick, and The Force Unleashed

progress report

2008-05-26 23:58:56 by eyerecon

starkids about..... 25% done unfortunatley

new icon!

2008-01-11 20:37:30 by eyerecon

new icon just came up... just wanted to see it...

Snow day

2007-12-24 23:14:37 by eyerecon

Finally I finished my snow day animation and a crapload o wait was lifted from my shoulders.


2007-10-18 00:12:17 by eyerecon

Me and nose army are paired up for a lot of animations but I'll be doing a few myself. Some of them are going to be related to my name and some not.